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For my second book on-line, entitled Held Aloft in His Timber Fingers, I have chosen 33 poems about Wales. For those who don't speak Welsh they are all in English, but I hope there is something for everyone! You can view and download by using the link above. Best wishes and may you enjoy what you find!
Mark Abraham reading "Humanosphere"


We are one, we are one,
we're many, but one.
We stretch round the Earth
like a mould in the sun.
There's plenty to do
but we've barely begun,
and we're only just learning
that we're one, that we're one.

We are one, we are one,
and with muscle and gun
there's much we've created,
much more we've undone.
Whether today, or with Roman or Hun,
war is exciting, but war is no fun,
and we still haven't noticed
that we're one, that we're one.

With the Earth where we live
we are all, we are one.
But as fast as we grow
it's still coming undone.
The good and the bad we make by the ton,
it detracts and increases the power of the sun.
And we still haven't realised
that we're all, that we're one.

There's millions of humans
but as family, we're one,
and there's many more species
and we're still only one.
We spread like a mould
that grows in the sun,
and the balance of creatures
on Earth is undone.

We are one, we are one,
we are still only one.
Yet we live speeded up
like a top, over-spun.
Compared to all others
we seem on the run,
yet what do we know
of what we've become?

We are one, we are one,
on the level as one.
But we try to build columns
as high as the sun.
With the strong at the top
and the weak underneath
it's hardly surprising
we're so short of breath.

We are one, we are one,
first and last we are one.
We're as fresh as the sunlight,
as old as the sun.
There's safety in numbers,
there's danger in one,
and we need to discover
what it is that we've won. 18/11/10

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