I saw God playing football once.
Well, I didn't see it myself,
only heard the bang,
but most of my mates at school,
they saw it, right there
in front of their eyes.
You don't believe me?
There it was, as big
as an ordinary football,
bluish-white, shining like fire,
sailing past our school windows.
Hundreds saw it.
It went over the yard
past the hall where people
were taking exams
and hit a tree in the Keep.
Windows were broken
and the bark of the tree
was split from top to bottom.
That's how hard God kicked.
Mr Hewitt told us
it cost the school
hundreds of pounds
just to put the computers right,
and it was weeks before
people stopped talking about it.
Of course, there are those
who say that such things
can't possibly exist
so it really must have been God
having a kick around.
Strange though, how he never
asked for his ball back.

28/3/97 From a real incident of ball-lightning which happened at the school in Salford where I was teaching.

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  1. I have never experienced ball lightening in my life. But reading this poem I can imagine how scary it must have been. I hope nobody got injured.