Hulme Forest

Hulme Forest is a dangerous place that stands by Bonsall Street. 
There's shadows in the branches 
and hollows at your feet. 
At any moment, any tree could fall on someone's head. 
It's strange to think that the Council seems to leave it there instead. 

The trees are busy growing, getting bigger every day. 
But trees do not make money and are mostly in the way. 
They're all such different sizes both smooth and twisted too. 
They're clearly laughing at us all as only trees can do. 

Remember how the Birley Tree, 
with such arboreal cheek, 
gathered some friends about it 
and gave them words to speak. 
It organised a Tree Campaign, 
had people try to save it. 
The Council saw right through its tricks tho it seemed it almost made it. 

Remember the Salutation, 
remember Bluebell Wood. 
By simply growing, they could claim 
they were doing what they should. 
A city is made of buildings, not namby-pamby trees. 
We've come to expect a Council to do just what they please. 

So the Forest of Hulme is waiting. 
It's hardly yet begun. 
Some of the trees are still quite small and they're obviously having fun. 
Watch out for the City Council when they clear the land for profit. 
Confrontation's on the cards and someone's bound to cop it. 

Yes, the Forest is certainly dangerous, 
and the trees are very clever. 
By keeping still they think they're safe but it can't go on forever. 
One day we'll have to watch ourselves when we hear the chainsaws' rumble. 
The air will be thick with choking dust 
and every tree will tumble.

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